Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Miscellany and the Just Cause 2 Demo

I'm sort of short of things to blog about at the moment... my go-to sites for food writing (New York Times, The Atlantic Food Channel, and Serious Eats) don't have anything that sparks my interest... and while I did cook some Osso Buco last night, I didn't eat it... as Cook's Illustrated says that it stores well in the braising liquid, and it was getting late. I'll reheat it in the liquid and make the gremolata and risotto tonight, but that's a blog post for later in the week. Anna cooked a really good tempeh creole thing from The Conscious Cook, but she did all the work for that... so I don't have any insight other than that it was tasty and seemed to be a pretty involved process.

So anyway... that long intro is just to say that the only thing I have to say is that I played the Just Cause 2 demo a bunch this weekend and... it was really fun! Definitely worth downloading for PC or Xbox if you like sandbox action games. There is a 30 minute time limit, but that's plenty of time to do a fair amount of damage, and I enjoy it so much I find myself just starting over once the time limit is up. Never heard of the first one, and I'm not a huge sandbox action guy (I tend to like rails and stories), but the demo is pretty awesome.

Here's a really long (11 minutes) YouTube of the gameplay:

That basically captures the essence of the demo (though this looks like it might be an earlier build)... you can do a sample mission, but it's not really that exciting... it's more about base jumping, grappling people to compressed gas canisters, and blowing stuff up.

Worth checking out if you haven't already.

In other video game news, an expansion pack for Dragon Age Origins is out today. While I've beaten the first game with one character (Male Dwarf Commoner Rogue), I want to finish it again with a second (Female Human Noble Warrior) before I continue on into the expansion. I'm near the end with her, but since I have cooking duties I doubt I'll make it through tonight... certainly by the weekend I hope to be immersed in Awakening.

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