Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Truffle Hunting

David Lebovitz has a fascinating post up about truffle hunting in Southern France. It even has an adorable pig, so you know you have to read it... unless you don't like pigs, or mushrooms, which means there is probably something wrong with you.

My only experience with truffles... beyond truffle oil... was seeing a sign at Savenor's that they were available a couple of weeks ago. I was getting my duck legs for confit, and was on the phone with Anna asking her if she wanted anything when I read the price as $60 a pound. Of course, if you know anything about truffles, that's either the steal of the century or grievous pricing error. I had read the wrong sign, and the cheapest white truffles they had were actually 3 times that price... per ounce. The black truffles that Mr. Lebovitz is hunting, being an additional doubling beyond that. Yowsa.

It's sort of hard to imagine anything could really be that good... to be worth hundreds of dollars per ounce to shave onto your risotto... but obviously there are more than a few people who think it is so. This may be one of those things that it's just better to be ignorant about.

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