Friday, February 26, 2010

Belgian Golden Ales

The New York Times has a pretty nice write up of a taste test of 20 Belgian Golden Ales. I've had #3 - Alesmith's Horny Devil, #5 - Unibroue's Maudite, and #9 - Brooklyn's Local One New York. All excellent. I've also had another three that didn't make their top 10 (Duvel, Piraat, Golden Monkey). Definitely second tier, but still very good.

Despite being "second tier", Golden Monkey by Victory is still one of my favorites. Mainly because it's one of the more cost effective beers on the list. While it's price of more than $10 a six pack here in Cambridge might seem exorbitant, it's quite a bit more reasonable than $20 for 750 ml's (about 3 8 oz servings).

As a tip, if you're new to this kind of beer but want to try them out... get a champagne stopper for those corked 750 ml bottles. That way you can just have a glass and put the bottle away... they'll last a week at least. Besides the glassware, it's one of the best beer related purchases I've ever made.

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