Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SOTU or ME2?

While I consider myself a bit of a political junkie, the artifice of the State of the Union address totally annoys me... it's just an endless succession of standing ovations vs. one half applauding while the other sits on their hands and looks grumpy. Blech. Since Republicans are apparently planning on being respectful this time, there isn't even decent odds on a marginally entertaining breach of protocol.

And let's face it... while Obama does well with this sort of set piece speech, Mass Effect 2 is polling consistently in the high 90's. I don't really see how the man can compete with that, unless he's planning on whipping health care reform out of his... pocket.

So that's me demoralized I guess, though like I said, I am disinclined to watch SOTUs by default. But at least I've got a good video game to play and some Raison D'Etre sitting in the fridge. Certainly I hope Obama knocks it out of the park, changes the tone, and announces some bold initiatives... but all I've heard about is spending freezes.

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