Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Liquid Earth

Besides a trip to Woodberry Kitchen, Anna and I also headed down to Fells Point to check out Liquid Earth while we were in Baltimore. It's a pretty fine little sandwich shop, with more vegan/vegetarian options for said sandwiches than I've ever seen in one place... granted, it's entirely veggie, so you'd hope they'd have some decent options, but I'd thought I'd point out that they go far above and beyond your standard hummus sandwich. Not that there's anything wrong with hummus, but it seems like it would get boring after a while.

Please pardon the crappy cell phone pics, but I'm not a big enough goober to carry around my digital SLR everywhere I go. Yet.

Above is The Picnic: "a halved baguette with true honey mustard, melted brie, walnuts, thinly sliced bermuda red onions, pears and granny smith apples" which I ordered, while Anna tried the Meatless Muffaletta: "roasted red, gold and green bell peppers with our olive relish, pepperoncinis, hots and melted smoked provolone stuffed into Italian bread."

Both sandwiches were excellent, and what impressed me the most was the quality of the bread. Obviously a pivotal element of any sandwich, but often shockingly average in many of the sandwich shops here in Boston (I'm looking at you Darwin's).

They do the juice/smoothie thing as well, and as always those juices are as pricey as they are delicious... $5 shake territory.... but in a pretty clever move they serve them to you in a Pyrex measuring cup, which makes it feel like a fairly generous serving.

The service was excellent, but then we were nearly alone in the place... don't know how it is when it's more crowded... but the sort of aloof arrogance that generally emanates from servers in trendy hip little places was pleasantly absent.

Highly recommended.

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