Saturday, January 16, 2010

Homemade Vegetable Bouillon

101 Cookbooks has a pretty neat post about how to make your own veggie bullion. Veggie broth tends to get ignored in most discussion of the abject terribleness of canned stock... probably because canned veggie broth isn't all that terrible (veggies are much cheaper than meat, so not as much "flavor enhancers" are needed), nor is the homemade version nearly as time consuming to make. At the same time, it does take some time (the recipe I use takes 2 hours) and loads of veggies (more than you'd generally have just sitting in your crisper)... so making your own bullion certainly has some appeal. As she mentions, you know exactly what's in it and can vary the ingredients based on season or preference. Pretty cool... I'd say it's definitely worth a try if you're a vegetarian/vegan.

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