Thursday, January 7, 2010

All Woodberry Kitchen All The Time

Waiting for an appointment yesterday, Anna noticed that Woodberry Kitchen is in Bon Appétit as one of "2009's Top Ten Best New Restaurants in America"... and since I've already name dropped it on the blog in regards to how much hipper it is than the New York Times... it'd be reasonable to suspect that I knew that. Well... I didn't. In fact, when people asked me what I was doing for New Years Eve I would say that we were going to "Wood..bury...berry? Tavern?" And they'd go "Woodberry Kitchen!?!?!?!?" And I'd go "That sounds right." And then they'd gush about it.

Thus I went into the restaurant with curiosity piqued and expectations elevated... and was not at all disappointed. I would definitely have to put it in the top 5 restaurant experiences of my life. Granted, I don't dine high end more than once or twice a year, so take it for what it's worth, but the food was amazing across the board (we shared) and the service exemplary. I actually had a fish I've never even heard of (John Dory), and it might have been the most perfectly cooked pieces of whitefish I've ever had. There were also a decent number of vegetarian options, with an entrée and several small plates and salads. So if you're in the Baltimore area with some cash to spend, I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot.

Anywayz... they also have posted a Spiced Pear Flatbreads with Goat Cheese and Mustard Cream recipe that sounds awesome, and is likely to blogged here in the near future.

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