Monday, December 7, 2009

Pickling Plans

In looking over David Lebovitz's 2009 cookbook recomendations, I noticed in his blurb lauding Ratio (a feeling I share - though perhaps that's obvious since I think this is my third consecutive post with "Ruhlman" in it), that Lebovitz had made Michael Symon's (via Ruhlman) pickled chilis... he also appears to have made a more recent batch of kimchi than the one I cribbed from... so while David Lebovitz and I don't share the same passion for desserts, we do seem to have love of spicy pickles in common.

I guess I know what my next pickling project is... yay for pickled peppers... but that means I need to clear out a jar... and that means, this week, we make kimchi chigae/jjigae (kimchi stew). I've heard you want some really fermented/sour kimchi for the stew, and mine is only a couple of weeks old... but I think(hope) we'll be fine. Saveur has a recipe (not online unfortunately) but this one also looks promising, since it's vegetarian from the start (the authentic recipes include pork)... and I believe Anna has a vegan/vegetarian Korean cookbook. I kind of want to avoid any special trips, but they may be inevitable... at least there's a Korean market in Union Square that isn't too hard to get to.

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