Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not so depressing healthcare takes

Jonathan Cohn, Nate Silver, and Ezra Klein all look on the bright side.

Personally, I'm still a little concerned that Lieberman et al aren't finished extracting their pound of flesh... so I'm a little hesitant to pat ourselves on the back about this "historic bill"... but I agree with the sentiments in all three pieces. I think the important thing to do is to think of what passes the Senate as merely the first step... a step that is going to need significant improvements in the coming years. Once there is a framework, it seems it's fairly straightforward to try and push for bringing a robust public option back via budget reconciliation... especially if it looks like private insurers aren't going to get the job done. There really are a lot of hugely important things going on in this bill... not least the subsidies which aim to make insurance affordable for millions of American families.

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