Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mass. Senate Primary Today

I totally forgot about this, but Alan Khazei's brother-in-law was outside the Porter Square T station telling all of us commuters that the polls close at 8... so, uhm, oh yeah... primary today! I haven't even really decided who I'm going to vote for... I like Khazei the most from a progressive perspective, but I think he's polling in the single digits. I guess it will be a shock if anybody but the milquetoast Coakley wins... she's been trying so hard to be inoffensive and take no risks that I have to wonder whether she will be a strong enough voice in the Senate. Capuano might have a shot at the upset, and he's my Rep and has a solid progressive voting record, so I might go that way. The only other thing I know for certain is that I'm not voting for a millionaire business man whose money comes from laying people off.

So I guess it's down to Capauno or Khazei. Hmmm.

UPDATE: Cast my ballot for Capauno and my polling location was pretty much empty at 6 pm... echoing reports of overall abysmal turnout. I guess you can't expect too much turnout for the primary of a special election in an off year... but this is one of your two Senators, people! In a state like Massachusetts, which is blue as blue can be, we're basically electing whoever wins the Dem primary for life. So go out and vote! Polls are open until 8 pm.

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