Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gay Human/Elf Miscegenation Threatens Youth

I don't have anything interesting to post today, and Penny Arcade made fun of the Gay Elf Sex yesterday... so I thought I'd essentially steal this post from Ta-Nehisi, so we can mock WorldNetDaily for being aghast that there is "a popular role-playing combat video game featuring graphic homosexual sex between a man and an elf."

So, without further ado, on to the gay elf bangin'! WARNING: Watching the following may make you gay.

Pretty hot, eh? If that doesn't make you yearn for the gay adventurer lifestyle... having flings with elves "born of a whore and bred to be an assassin"... I don't know what will! Oddly, contra the above video, when my dwarf dude "got to know" Morrigan, he kept his armor on... I guess that's just how he rolls. Can't have getting a little nookie leaving you unprepared for slaying Darkspawn, no sir!

In all seriousness, I do believe this is the first mainstream video game to explicitly allow homosexual relationships... well male homosexual relationships at any rate... unsurprisingly, "hot girl on girl" action has been around for a while. Actually, if I'm remembering correctly, The Sims games have always allowed homosexuality... so I guess Dragon Age would only be the first role playing game with a gay sex scene... but that still seems laudable, or at least notable, to me.

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