Friday, November 20, 2009

World of Wingnut

Are you a Glenn Beck fan that feels like Liberal Videogaming Elites are keeping you down? Well David Corn has the game FOR YOU:
It's January 2011. The GOP is about to assume control of both houses of Congress—having been voted in by a public deeply suspicious of Democrats after President Barack Obama conducted clandestine talks with President Felipe Calderon of Mexico and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada. But two days before the new conservative majority is to be sworn in, Obama announces that this Congress will not be seated, that the United States (a creation of "racists and warmongers") will be replaced by a North American Union, that the US Constitution will be dissolved, and that private ownership of firearms will be outlawed (as part of a United Nations treaty banning firearms globally). In response, millions rise up, and the Revolution begins.

A Glenn Beck movie project? Perhaps. But it's also the premise for a new online computer game hosted by a website called United States of Earth.

Based on my experience with the politics of your average wargamer, I wouldn't be surprised if this does reasonably well... it's a community that's probably 3:1 libertarians in my estimation... but even for the rare liberal wargamer... politics generally aren't on the radar, as they'll gleefully try to dominate the world with Nazi Germany of Stalinist Russia in many a game... hell, I'd bet most would play a kitten killing simulator if it had a hex grid and a solid morale mechanic. So it's probably not a bad call for people appealing to a niche audience with odd demographics, to see if they can drum up any business going the Wingnut Fantasy route.

Honestly, it seems like a safer place to play out those fantasies than by going to a town hall meeting with an AR-15.

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