Monday, November 16, 2009

Tonight Tomorrow Night We Make Kimchi

Stopped by Super 88 Hong Kong Supermarkets last night and picked up the necessary ingredients. The difficulty is that I'm working from the Saveur recipe that's is for making 6 quarts... 6 quarts!? That's a gallon and a half of kimchi! I like kimchi, but not that much... especially when I'm making it for the first time. There are, of course, recipes for 2 quarts of kimchi... a more standard and manageable amount (though still a lot!)... but the Saveur recipe has the most interesting combination of ingredients, with things like asian pear and korean watercress. So I guess I'm going to roughly third the Saveur recipe, while keeping an eye on the proportions from the 2 quart recipes to make sure I'm not totally out of whack... and just wing it I guess.

A pretty unprecedented step for me, so I'm crossing all my fingers.

UPDATE: Realized I didn't grab any vegetarian fish paste, so Anna is going to see if Whole Foods has any today and otherwise it's full speed ahead with the brining tonight.

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