Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pan Fried Pumpkin Butternut Squash Gnocchi?

Steamy Kitchen has a pretty interesting Pumpkin Gnocchi recipe up right now... interesting mostly because the gnocchi are pan fried and she uses ricotta and Parmesan in the gnocchi themselves... which I think is fairly unusual, but then I don't get out much. The thing is, we've got (I think ) five butternut squashes from the garden in Maine sitting on the counter waiting to be used... though some are destined for lasagna and whatever other nefarious ends Anna can dream up... that still leaves us with plenty of squash for gnocchi, which appeals more to me than canned pumpkin. The problem being that I don't really know how many cups of puree a butternut squash will produce, so I don't know how much ricotta/Parmesan or egg yolks or whatever to get to keep the ratios the same. However this butternut squash gnocchi recipe calls for cooking the squash the night before... which, while kind of a pain, would give me a better idea of what I'll need. I think I'm going to roast a chicken tonight, based on a recipe from Barbra Kafka's Roasting cookbook (recently passed on to me as Anna's mother tried to clean out some cookbooks she wasn't using)... but I hope to try this out before the end of the week.

photo by flickr user pcarpen used under a Creative Commons license

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