Friday, November 13, 2009

My Next Phone?

I don't really give a damn about iPhone vs. Whatever... the iPhone seems like a nice enough phone, and while I have objections to Apple's business practices, principles only take you so far when "Ohhhhh! SHINY!"... but I've already sold my soul to Verizon, and still have some unknown period until they let me have it back. I don't follow phone news very much, so this xkcd comic is the first I'd heard of an Android phone for Verizon... I sort of assumed Verizon was too stupid to realize it needed to partner with Google if it didn't want to end up the AOL of phone companies. Everybody can surprise you, I guess.

Doesn't look like it's Phone Jesus or anything, but at least it's credible... and I need a new phone. Well OK... I admit need is a little strong, but it'll be 2 years in February for my Voyager... wait... 2 year contract... that probably means I could get out of Verizon if I wanted in a few months. Hmmmm.

This will surprise nobody, but I'm leaning towards instant gratification.

UPDATE: Ooooohhh... the Google GPS app is free on the Droid... I pay $10 a month for VZ Navigator, and I don't even own a car... just because it's so damn handy when we travel. I might have a walk over to Cambridgeside in my future.

UPDATE^2: Got the phone... more on that later... but be aware that the prices seen on the web (i.e. $200 if non Verizon, $150 if you've got a credit) include a $100 mail in rebate which I think comes in the form of those lame "debit gift cards"... so that kind of sucks.

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