Friday, October 23, 2009

Fried Green Beans!?

Huh... Sam Sifton brings the fancy to bar food in The New York Times Magazine. I can't say the potato skins excite me all that much... but tempura fried green beans sound pretty awesome.

A couple of miles south in Chelsea, behind the wide plate glass of his restaurant, the Red Cat, the chef Jimmy Bradley achieves a similar trick, frying green beans in a tempura batter, then serving them — hot, crunchy, with plenty of salt — aside a sweet-and-spicy mustard sauce. You’ll find them on the bar, eaten as meals in themselves, and at most tables running back through the room as appetizers or side dishes. They are Buffalo chicken wings for people with good art on the wall and a capacity for avoiding, as Liebling wrote, the fatal trap of abstinence. You simply can’t eat just one.

I don't know if Anna will be down with the egg whites, but the recipe certainly seems worth trying.

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