Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Skool Fettuccine Alfredo

So there it is... the Original Fettuccine Alfredo... looking a bit more attractive than I expected with the spinach fettuccine, so that's nice. It's an incredibly easy to make dish... much easier than modern interpretations I'd say. And it's quick! If you're using fresh pasta, you're talking like 3 minutes for the pasta and then 2 minutes with the butter and cheese in a skillet and you're done.

The problem is that is that it's really only awesome hot, as the cheese congeals and separates from the butter as it cools... so it's easy to see why modern versions moved to cream based sauces. So definitely don't make it until you're absolutely sure everything else is done... and don't skip the heated plate step, as it makes a big difference in keeping it velvety longer.

As I speculated before making it, while I love the flavor of Pecorino Romano, it did overwhelm the butter a bit... and a more delicate Parmesan is probably the way to go... or maybe a combo for the best of both worlds? Even with a Parmesan, I think you'll find this Alfredo to be quite distinct from what you'll find in restaurants... definitely more cheesy than creamy. I'll have to try making the cream sauce version soon to see how it compares more explicitly.

I'd recommend giving the recipe a shot since it's both easy and different, though not dated.

Oh, and here's what 1/2 a pound of butter and 1/2 pound of cheese look like:

I think you can gain 5 pounds just by looking at that.

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