Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life Imitating Satire

It's hard to believe this response to Patrick Swayze's passing is for real, but apparently it is:
Here’s a sign the Washington Post is a liberal newspaper: today’s Adam Bernstein obituary for Patrick Swayze begins obviously by noting his big hits "Ghost" and "Dirty Dancing," but doesn’t get to "Red Dawn" until paragraph 23.
"Red Dawn" was not a prestigious film, but it was a breakout lead role for Swayze, and a completely shocking product coming out of a Hollywood: a movie about American teens fighting a resistance against a Soviet invasion of the United States.

There are clearly no fortysomething Reaganites working in the Washington Post newsroom.


Every time I think mockery of the right is going a little too far... based on straw men constructed around a few loons... they go and put out something like this. An entire generation of conservatives can't base their belief system on a movie about some REAL Americans defeating a Soviet invasion with the 2nd Amendment and their rock hard conservative values... can they? Well...

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