Monday, September 28, 2009

Gigot de Sept Heures (7 Hour Lamb)

So I did go ahead and make Gigot de Sept Heures out of Saveur this Saturday... though I was slightly more responsible than I thought I would be, ripping some old CD's that had been sitting by my computer for weeks instead of just playing video games for seven hours. I don't really have a lot to say about it though... it's fairly simple, but not cheap:

So probably better for special occasions, but whatever.

The one criticism I have for the recipe is that you don't make a sauce from the juices... which seems like a shame after 7 hours of cooking. Since it cooks for 3-3.5 hours uncovered at the end, there isn't even enough liquid left over to make a sauce if you wanted to, which seems like a weakness in the method.

But you definitely end up with fall apart tender meat, and some tasty beans. So overall I thought it was good and worth it... a perfect Sunday Dinner dish when you want to stay around the house and not be too burdened by cooking while still getting an amazing dish at the end. I basted every 30 minutes and that seemed plenty.

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