Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gay Ice Cream

From the Herald:
Ben & Jerry’s, which has long backed liberal causes, plans to rebrand “Chubby Hubby” as “Hubby Hubby” for 30 days to show support for Vermont’s new law.

The move is mostly symbolic, as Burlington-based Ben & Jerry’s isn’t changing labels on “Chubby Hubby” pints sold in stores.

So you won't see it in stores, but I guess if you live in Vermont you could have gotten it from a "wedding-themed Ben & Jerry’s truck" that traveled the state yesterday... or from one of their 6 ice cream parlors throughout September.

Seems like a no cost move for them, since it merely solidifies their rep as Hippie Ice Cream... for people who are inclined to choose their ice cream based on politics, I'm sure they already made a decision on Ben and Jerry's. Still... it's a nice gesture.

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