Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chait on Rand

If you read any of your standard liberal blogs, you've probably already come across a link to Jonathan Chait's brutal take down of Ayn Rand and her disciples... but I thought I'd link to it just in case you missed it.

My disdain for the majority of "glibertarian" thought is probably pretty obvious from my political posts, but it's worth saying that Megan McArdle, even at her worst, is orders of magnitude more palatable than Ayn Rand... whose philosophy is repugnant in all respects. "Objectivism", at its core, is just a juvenile attempt at a moral justification for selfishness, which is pretty much all you need to say to condemn it in my eyes... but Chait goes the extra mile to fully demolish it. So go read it.

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