Monday, August 31, 2009


It rained all day Saturday for my weekend trip to visit Anna and her mum up in Maine... so, alas, no hiking in Acadia... but we did at least ride through the rain to grab a wonderful brunch at Chase's Daily in Belfast... as well as the lovely potatoes you see pictured above. I don't think I've ever blogged about Chase's Daily before, but being a great vegetarian brunch place that's about 30-45 minutes from the Maine house, it's been a popular destination for us for a while. And yes, I did feel the need to point out that I've been going there forever (well a couple years anyway) since there was a blurb about it in the latest Saveur... I'm not a poseur I swear! Ahem. With that out of the way... I've only been there for Saturday and Sunday brunch, but they do dinner on Friday's as well, which is incredibly popular from what I hear, so make reservations or go off season. Of course the benefit of going in season is that the menu is based on their own fresh produce, which brings us to the most unique aspect of Chase's: it's also a farmer's market. And a bakery. And a cheese shop. This comes in handy when you have to wait 45 minutes for a table on a rainy Saturday in August... plenty of pretty produce to ogle and fresh bread to smell.

By the time we sat down, I was pretty sure I wanted some of the gorgeous potatoes above, but after we had them served to us roasted and sprinkled with herbs I was certain.

As you can see, those purple ones are purple all the way through... which is pretty fun. Some of the red ones are similar, but unfortunately that picture didn't turn out... but I only roasted half of them last night, so I'll have another go at getting a good pic. I'll post the very simple... but very delicious... recipe for roasting them in a bit.

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