Saturday, August 8, 2009

Intertubes Update

So we're back up and running. The cable guy came and set-up the phone, but I was on my own for the modem(saves a $100)... up until the point where I had to get it to work with my wireless router it was pretty easy. The biggest issue there was forgetting the username and password for the damn router, and then not being able to reset it... somehow I broke the button I guess. I actually had to pull my old computer out of mothballs to get it to work. Then, once I had my router set correctly, it was mainly a matter of figuring out what order to turn things on so that the cable modem was tuned to my router and not my computer.

Played some WoW and watched some No Reservations in HD on Netflix and everything seemed flawless. Note that the download numbers posted above are probably artificially inflated because of "Speed Boost" which ups your speed for the first 50 megs or something... a fairly transparent attempt to juice these tests, but whatever.

Strangely, the guy left us an extra modem that I'm not sure what to do with. I guess I should see if I'm paying for two before anything else.

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