Monday, August 10, 2009

Arrow Street Crepes

In contrast to the unsatisfying brunch experience detailed below, we had an truly excellent meal on our first trip to Arrow Street Crepes this past Saturday. I've been wanting to hit this place up for over a year, but for whatever reason I kept forgetting about it whenever we were trying to figure out where to go to eat... I don't imagine that will be a problem going forward.

I have almost no crepe experience... I've had the sweet kind a couple of times, but never savory... so I obviously can't comment on authenticity. They have a pretty extensive vegetarian section (obviously not vegan) and offer smoothies as well. While it was bigger than I expected inside, there is not a whole lot of space... and though it was strangely empty on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I can imagine it would be more than a little cramped if full. It's sort of a hybrid take-out/sit-down place... you order at the counter, but someone brought us our food and smoothies to our table(though perhaps not when they are busier?). With said smoothies($4.50-$5.00 each), food for the two of us crested $30, so it's definitely not a bargain.

The food itself, however, was excellent. If you don't mind paying $10 for crepes that don't involve a true sit down dining experience, then I say give it a shot... we'll certainly be going back.

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