Monday, August 10, 2009

Annals of Bad Omelets

Yesterday, Anna and I headed to brunch at Veggie Planet. I've mentioned them before, and I'm not a huge fan, but brunch is a meal that is nearly impossible to get for vegans and vegetarians who don't do eggs... so we end up there fairly often. Their pizzas are consistently good, but any of their specials... like their omelet or tofu scram of the day ... are a big rolls of the dice, and yesterday it was snake eyes all the way around the table.

A peas, corn, and cheddar omelet. Does that sound like a good idea to anybody? I appreciate being daring and willing to take risks, but there's probably a reason you've never heard of such an omelet... and that's because peas roll around. They might as well have given me some scrambled eggs with peas and corn on the side for all they stayed together... which is kind of contrary to the whole point, no? Eggs wrapped around delicious fillings where the sum is greater than it's parts. I also give 100 to 1 odds that those peas and corn came from the freezer... and it's the middle of August. While I understand that the tomatoes are in trouble, that's not all they sell at the farmer's markets.

Anyway, I still find it irritating that Veggie Planet can be so mediocre and inconsistent and yet still do a swift business... and that, of course, is because there isn't any competition (at least that I'm aware of). While I wouldn't say it's always disappointing... I've had some good meals there and Anna loves their Portobello Redhead pizza... if it was any other type of restaurant we would have given up on it ages ago. Would it really be that hard for any of the innumerable fine brunch places in Boston and Cambridge to throw a tofu scram on their menu and have a vegan waffle/pancake option? That's all it would take! And you'd clean up, I swear!

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