Friday, August 21, 2009

Aioli Revelations

I've hated mayonnaise since I was a kid... and I don't feel shamed by that really (unlike, say, my previous aversion to mushrooms)... I mean, it does look like spreadable puss, after all. But over the years, my hatred has mutated a bit towards indifference... I still won't touch potato salad and other mayonnaise drenched dishes with a ten foot pole, but it's hard to imagine a BLT without it... and if a sandwich comes with mayo on it, I won't demand it to be taken off (or is that just laziness?), and doesn't even make me gag... and sometimes I feel like the sandwich was even improved by the presence of mayonnaise.

Which brings us to the aioli I made for my failed Spanish tortilla. I was fairly shocked to find that it has raw egg yolks in it... and thus the way you can tell a mayo/aioli is fresh, as opposed to out of a jar, is that it's distinctly yellowish (a little counterintuitive that). It was also really easy to make with a food processor... I still haven't mastered the "pat your head while rubbing your stomach" aspect of pouring slowly while whisking, but the food processor obviated all that.

I found it to be quite superior to your average mayo, but then it was garlic aioli and not mayo, so maybe that's not a really fair comparison... but, regardless, the raw eggs weird me out a little. It just seems like something my mother would tell me is absolutely insane and I'm going to die instantly if I eat it.

But anyway, I was pretty pleased with it, and may be moving to "mixed feelings" regarding fresh mayonnaise like substances. We'll see if it makes me sick over the next few days.