Friday, July 3, 2009

I'd rather be playing Blood Bowl...

Yeah, still addicted to that. Played my first multiplayer games last night in the public league, and ended up a glorious 0-2-1. I only really got stomped by a Chaos team... the other two were winnable, but I made some dumb mistakes. Live and learn.

If you see me online feel free to challenge me... my Coach's name is ArmLion.

However, you won't see my online today, since I'm at work... like seemingly no one else in the city. Working in hospital system, since doctors and nurses and such often need to work on holidays, we don't get any official holidays... we just get extra vacation time to cover them. Logically then, it makes more sense to work those days when you don't have plans and use them at your preference. Fundamentally, this isn't any different than getting credited vacation time when you choose to work on a holiday, but psychologically it feels much different to get "extra" for working versus having to take vacation... so invariably I choose to work. But every single time I do, I find the city asleep and nobody on the train and wonder why the hell I didn't take the day off. At least it will be quiet.

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