Tuesday, July 28, 2009

GatesGate 911 Call

I imagine every one is tired of this controversy by now... can't say I've noticed that it's engendered a productive discussion on race and police powers... just revisiting the same battle lines in the culture wars... so what's the point of bringing it up again? Only that in the initial reporting, the person who phoned 911 about the incident was called a "neighbor" who claimed to see "two black males with backpacks" at the Gates residence. From those scant details, it seemed possible that the 911 call might have been responsible for some of the initial misunderstandings that set of the confrontation. However, besides not being a "neighbor" (she works nearby and thus wouldn't likely know residents) the transcript of the call acquits her best of anybody involved. She mentioned seeing suitcases, not backpacks, and that the people she saw may have just been having trouble with the door. She also doesn't say anything about them being black.

So I do have to wonder how "black males with backpacks" got into the arrest report. Is that how the 911 operator interpreted what s/he heard? Was it Crowley jumping to conclusions?

I guess it doesn't matter though, since having a beer with the President will make us post-racial again.

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