Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When surfing the internet starts to feel like a job...

So I took a personal day from work and unplugged myself from the internet to just relax and read because I had started to get into a bit of a funk... it wasn't entirely effective in getting me out of my funk since I think for me personally, getting things accomplished often makes me feel better in that mindset... but regardless, after the morning, I didn't check any blogs or whatever until right before I went to bed, and I had 146 unread posts in Google Reader... in a day! Not even a full one! I only follow... let's see... 16 RSS feeds... with 6 of them being food blogs or comics that update no more than a few times a week. Andrew Sullivan needs to be stopped is all I'm saying - dude shouldn't be posting 40 times a day or whatever it was.

I've only been using Google Reader for a week, but I'm not sure I like the pressure! Yeah, you can just mark them all as read, or just scroll through them quickly but still.

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