Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scientests Agree: Green Line Stinks

The New Scientist:
Passengers on the Boston light rail, an electric commuter train, were found to emit as much or marginally more than those on mid-size and large aircraft. This is in part because 82 per cent of electricity in Massachusetts is generated by burning fossil fuels.
Green line passengers emit more than a medium size airplane? That sounds smelly! Good thing I moved to the much more luxurious Commuter Rail, where everything smells like the breath of an angel*.

But as Ryan Avent and Matthew Yglesias point out, stinky light rail is still much more green than a car... which is the only practical competitor for moving around Boston, since AFAIK there are no Commuter Paradrops from those medium and large sized planes. Though that sounds like a pretty cool initiative that I'd be happy to support.


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