Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cassoulet longing

I was just perusing a post on The Atlantic's Food Channel about the difficulties of picking out items at your Farmer's Market... problems I most certainly have, as I almost always choose items that are completely unrelated (in my mind at least) and end up in disparate dishes that require "regular" market trips to round out enough other ingredients for finished products. It would be nice to walk by the stalls, have a culinary epiphany, and come home with everything I need for something HAWESOME. I'm not there yet, unfortuntately, and Mr. Henry's post provides no real guidance on how to rectify that... while ultimately just bragging about a recent market experience(I would too, of course)... he did link to a recipe for a real hard core cassoulet recipe.

It calls for roughly 55 hours of soaking, resting, and cooking... about $40 in beans... and I think I'm in love.

It's not really the season for French comfort food, but I admit to the temptation.

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