Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bacon Butter

Regina Schrambling has an article in Slate on lard... yes, that lard...  and the above title is her attempt at rebranding said lard so it can begin its righteous resurgence as the primary form of animal fat in the American diet. I gotta say... "bacon butter" works for me, as does rendered pork fat. I'm a big fan of duck fat, after all, and will probably now call that "duck butter" because the concept is stuck in my head.

Of course, while she makes some really good points about its virtues, having a vegetarian significant other probably means it won't be particularly welcome in our pantry. Though I suppose I'd only really get into trouble if I started using lard to make ostensibly vegetarian dishes/desserts and then went "Ah, ah, ah! Made with bacon butter!" when she went to eat them. That actually sounds sort of fun... but I'm somewhat fearful I'll be subjected to physical violence just for joking about thinking about making lard based desserts... so it's probably best to avoid the temptation, and simply make some bacon if I need rendered pork fat for a dish.

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