Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I don't really have any brilliant insight to provide about Sonia Sotomajor's chances of being confirmed to the Supreme Court, but I figured I should note that she is Obama's selection... as has been reported pretty much everywhere. It'll be interesting to watch what the GOP does here, as since it won't change the balance of the court you'd think it wouldn't be too hard for Obama to pick up Snowe and/or Collins and stave of a filibuster... but Republicans have been fairly impressive in their unity in obstruction, so who knows?

UPDATE: Nate Silver has the goods on a 1998 vote for her confirmation to the 2nd Circuit. Looks like Collins, Snowe, Lugar, and a few other current GOP Senators voted for her then... though, of course, that doesn't mean they'll vote for her now... but it's at least promising.

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