Monday, May 4, 2009

The Globe shutting down?

via John Cole

According to the WaPo article it could be a negotiating ploy with the unions, but as the New York Times Company is hurting pretty bad, closure is certainly not out of the question.

It would be fairly embarrassing to have the Herald be our only daily, but at the same time I never read the Globe so it wouldn't really effect me otherwise. I'm not a fan of any Boston sports teams, so that helps.  They've won some Pulitzers in recent years, so it's not like they're useless...  but honestly I just check the New York Times and Washington Post for national news.

As commenter on Balloon Juice noted, the coolest thing they do online is their photo essays called The Big Picture.

UPDATE: The Globe is here interviewing my boss and one of our FES subjects... so I guess if they give us publicity, then they'll be my most favorite newspaper ever. On the negative side, I can't talk to my boss about my paper which is irritating.

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