Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Garmin Connect

It's been over a year since I last mentioned MotionBased or Garmin Connect... which is mainly because after we went to Jamaica, I got out of the habit of exercising every day of the work week, and only sporadically ran... a couple days this week, nothing for a week and a half, a couple more... sometimes on the elliptical because it was too hot, etc. For most of the summer and fall I mainly used my 305 to GPS hikes we took, not runs, so the features of EveryTrail were much more appealing(synching photos being the main one).

However, I'm trying to get back into running after work 3 times a week at least to start...  and, coincidentally, Garmin Connect's support of the Forerunner 305 just started up yesterday. It seems to have all my old runs, but I can't seem to upload any of my new ones from the last two weeks. Probably to be expected. I don't notice any new features yet, though the site looks pretty slick. Here's the last run I uploaded to MotionBased in September. It's kind of nice they provide an RSS feed to my activities... but I can't see how to embed the maps on this here blog, which is fairly import to me. Anyway, development appears to be an ongoing so I won't judge it too harshly yet... but it doesn't appear to be something to get uber excited about at this point.  It is free if you own a Garmin though.

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