Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pozole Rojo

I'm trying something a little different with my food blogging today. I've received some comments that more photos = better, so I decided to do this recipe in photo log (phlog?) form... complete with full descriptions and notes on the photos. You can either click on the above photo, or right here to go to the set on flickr.

I liked doing the photo set, so I'll probably keep it up no matter what, but what I haven't decided on how to complement that effort here. Just duplicating my descriptions from there, in a single post here, doesn't seem that exciting or useful... but then what? You obviously can't print out the recipe very easily in that format, so that's an option for my posts... but I could also just put it on the set page instead of here. I could also put a more narrative form description here and leave the nuts and bolts at flickr. I'm quite undecided.

Comments are welcome.

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