Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Off to the Frozen Four

I'm flying out tomorrow morning to meet up with some buddies from college to, hopefully, cheer the Boston University Terriers on to their 5th Hockey National Championship. They're the only #1 seed left standing, so it's hard to think they could have a better set up for winning it all then they have right now... but Vermont is the only team to beat BU twice (on consecutive nights on BU's home ice - ouch) and they've got good karma working for the Gay Marriage thing... though I'm hoping the fact that my adopted state has been rocking that right since 2004 cancels those benefits out. Anyway, I'm not bringing a computer with me, so no blogging until Sunday at the earliest and more likely Monday. The weather looks to be warmer than here anyway... though there is rain in the forecast... so that's good. I don't think we've even seen the mid 60's yet.

Here's the schedule of games if you want to follow along at home and look for me in the crowd:

Thursday, April 9
5 p.m. Semifinal Game 1 (ESPN2 HD Live, ESPN 360)
Miami(Ohio) vs. Bemidji State
INCH Breakdown

8:30 p.m. Semifinal Game 2 (ESPN2 HD Live, ESPN 360)
Boston University vs. Vermont
INCH Breakdown

Saturday, April 11
7 p.m. Championship final (ESPN HD Live, ESPN 360)

For anyone local, I think we're going to go here before Thursday's the games.

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