Monday, April 27, 2009

The Dry Martini

Some pretty interesting martini recipes from The Atlantic... and no, not interesting because they're "Chocolatinis" or whatever abominations your local hipster lounge serves in a cocktail glass and has the audacity to call a "martini"... but interesting because they use orange bitters and are vermouth heavy by today's standards.

But then, today's standards include the Jame's Bond shaken martini... which is absolutely disgusting. I don't understand why anybody wants a drink coated in ice chips with their gin all bruised up... but then, nobody really has a choice, as that's the only way I've ever been able to order one, even in a city most would consider fairly cosmopolitan. Making them at home is thus the only way to go... sadly, I'm generally much too lazy(which is incidentally why there should be bartenders who know how to make a martini - so I don't have to go out and buy a bottle of orange bitters)... but maybe I'll give these guys a go.

I've never had much luck finding vermouth other than Martini & Rossi though.

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