Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love and Teh Internetz

There's been some pretty serious mocking of the announcement that blogger Ann Althouse is marrying her commenter of 4 years after a whirlwind romance. I dunno... I'm more surprised that people still find it shocking that people use the internet to get dates. At 32, I feel a little out of touch with how the kids use their "MyPlaces" and their "Twoots" to get their freak on... but I'm well aware it happens. Sometimes, I bet, they even form what is known as a "stable monogamous relationships" with a "person they met on the internet." I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out... see, they get to know each other over time, find they like each other, and then they meet in real life and see if it all works. Personally, that seem like a lot of time to invest before you go even go on a real date... but it doesn't strike me as particularly weird. I mean, you really haven't ventured very far in to the dark corners of the internet if you think online dating is odd. Pretty much any online community I've ever spent any time in (and I was rocking BBSs back in '92) has had romances... yes, even marriages. As Ta-Nehesi notes in a hilarious post:
When I used to play Everquest back in the day, I ran with two Wood Elves (I was a Euridite wizard. Even when I'm fantasizing, I'm a black nerd) who were hooked up in real life. I only figured this out as I hung out with them more. Whenever we'd go to Karnor's or the City Of Mist, this dude would follow us. Later the couple told me the dude was the girl's ex--in real life. They used to game together, but she met this other dude (the other Wood Elf) and left her man to move in with him. That just blew me away--but it really shouldn't. Virtual communication is a lot like real communication.
Though I will say that I came across two Night Elves in a random house in WoW the other day... just standing there silently in the living room... didn't think much of it, just ran upstairs to get my widget to complete whatever quest I was doing... but was stopped short as I saw "Sir Fancypants* lays down on the bed" in my chat window... which, frankly, is something I just don't need to see. Indeed, I wish my mind didn't contain the information that 14 year olds are using WoW as a sex chat room(now with 90% more pedophiles!)... but, yeah, so marrying your commenter seems pretty normal in comparison now, right? (watch our detektor!)

* Name changed to protect the guilty... actually more that I have no recollection what the name was... and no I didn't get a screen shot.

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