Thursday, March 26, 2009

Global Currency

It's early yet, but I think I can call Matt Yglesias today's Winner of the Internet for his perfectly nerdy but appropriately scathing critique of the Right's current fascination with the made up threat of a global currency due to the fact that they don't know what the word "reserve" means. This is what the internet is all about folks:
But Glenn Beck should consider that the left’s agenda goes considerably beyond a black helicopter-based global monetary system. The ultimate aim is to establish a Star Trek-style post-capitalist society in which there’s no currency whatsoever. Fortunately, the Trek universe does provide some refuge for the right—the Ferengi who stand strong against the collectivist proclivities of their Alpha Quadrant neighbors. They, of course, have moved beyond fiat currency to a sound money system based on the un-replicatable liquid latinum; used in its gold-pressed form as a convenient means of exchange.

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