Monday, March 30, 2009

The Frozen Four

Thursday, 4/9, Washington D.C.
(1)Boston University
5:30 or 8:30, ESPN/ESPN360

5:30 or 8:30, ESPN/ESPN360

A pretty exciting weekend of hockey... shame nobody probably saw much of it, since it was relegated, for the most part, to ESPNU... which I don't think a lot of cable systems carry. I saw the BU/Ohio St. blowout at a local bar and listened to the BU/UNH game on the radio (I'm not 25 anymore and going out to bars on consecutive nights isn't as appealing as it once was). The rule of the weekend was upsets... crazy upsets... no #1 seed, beside BU, even made it out of the first round. Notre Dame got rolled by the #16 seed(Bemidji) 5-1, while Michigan lost in much more respectable fashion in just running into a super hot goaltender (it happens). Denver lost to Miami, but they seem to be pretty for real from what I have seen. There was also some amazing last minute finishes... with UNH, Minnesota-Duluth, and BU all scoring goals in the closing seconds.

I was a little disappointed that BU's side of the bracket turned into a Hockey East reunion... I would have liked to have seen them play non-conference teams... but I'm sure the Hockey East commissioner is very pleased that a Hockey East team will be playing for the national championship. BU couldn't have asked for an easier path either... though thinking like that is probably why they got totally outplayed by UNH last night, and lucked into the win.

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