Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Obama Op-Ed

It's been a fairly depressing week for people who would like to see a decent stimulus enacted quickly... GOP politicians have been dominating the cable news spouting nonsense about how it's "Not a Stimulus bill. It's just a spending bill." (WTF!?)... then Senate Dems admitted they can't find their 60 to pass it... and there is evidence the bill is losing public support.

What's a popular President to do when the GOP becomes united under the idea that financial ruin and terrorist attacks are the only was to regain power?

Go directly to the people. I don't know how effective it will be... but it is at least evidence that the White House intends to win the PR war... something it hadn't been doing; primarily because its Cabinet picks didn't want to pay their taxes, but also a seeming lack of focus. I tend to think that tomorrow's jobs report for January... and the subsequent Wall Street turmoil... will be the bludgeon to get this bill passed, but at the same time it's good to see some aggressiveness. I'm hoping he decides to make a prime time speech about it, even though I don't share fears that the bill is in any real danger of not passing or of being gutted into ineffectiveness... I'd just like to see some rhetorical muscle flexing.

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