Thursday, February 19, 2009

FES demo at 2009 Adaptive Indoor Rowing Challenge

My lab is going to be demonstrating our FES(functional electrical stimulation) rowing setup at the Adaptive Indoor Rowing Challenge. I'm not heavily involved in this project, so I can't supply a lot of information, but in short, it's using electrical current to contract the leg muscles in a spinal cord injury patient so they can row. The basic idea being that the exercise will promote beneficial cardiovascular changes and help stop... or even reverse... bone loss. The project is still in it's infancy... we are pilot testing on just two subjects currently... but an R01 is in submission and I think they're gearing up for expansion. Like I said, I'm not really involved with it much at this point, but I think it's pretty cool and the most "clinical" research my lab does... something where you can really see the impact in people's lives.

So anyway, my boss, Andy Taylor, and one of our FES athletes, Dave Estrada, will be at the Harry Parker Boathouse on Saturday from 9-10:30 AM during the races, so if you're headed over there definitely check out the demo and watch the videos. Here's a taste:

All the leg contraction there is via FES... pretty cool, eh? Now, we're still indoor on the Concept2, but the idea is to get people out on the water eventually.

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