Monday, February 2, 2009


So that's tonight. I was considering trying to scalp some tickets and watching the BU/Harvard game... but I dunno. I do work right next to the Garden... and my train home leaves from it's basement, so it's not like I'd have to even make much of an effort... but I'm not sure I want to go by myself.

Anyway, for those not familiar with college hockey... which is the vast majority of people in the world... the Beanpot is a local college hockey tournament that always features Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, and Harvard. With 28 victories out 50 some championships, my alma mater, BU, does fairly well at this thing... even when they're not very good, which has been the case the last few years... however, assuming they don't lose to Harvard tonight they'll probably be the #1 team in the country tomorrow, so they've rebounded a bit. Northeastern(#3) is also shockingly good... better than I can ever remember them being... leading Hockey East. BC has had a bit of a tough stretch and is "only" ranked #11, but they did win the National Championship last year so I imagine they'll show up. Harvard is the worst team, but even they're not terrible or anything... so it should be a good tournament.

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