Wednesday, February 4, 2009

4x the blogging *POWER*

I ran across this $600 quad monitor stand (monitors not included!) while looking for something for the lab and just... marveled... at the idea of someone genuinely needing that kind of setup to do their job. I guess it's for if you launch rocket ships for a living, or just want to feel like you do. Honestly, I'm probably just jealous that there are apparently people out there who can convince their bosses to spring for that kind of thing... since I could easily stretch Matlab(the program I spend most of my day using) over 3 screens (say Workspace/History, Command Window, and the Editor) and I wouldn't think it "wasteful" exactly ("necessary" would be a harder argument to make). But here, with 4 monitors themselves, the stand, and then whatever ridiculous graphics card setup was needed to run them all... tough sell.

I do wonder what professions consider a multi-monitor setup to be standard... programmers? Graphic designers? Astronauts?

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