Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Up until this morning, I hadn't really thought much about the inauguration because, while historic, most of it's going to be boring and involve lots of talking heads saying the same stupid things over and over to fill the time between events... it would seem logically better to get some work done while it's happening, and go back and watch the clips tonight once the boring stuff gets edited out... but then my boss stayed home because his "car is stuck"(yeah right!)... and now I'm sorta annoyed that I'm here at work, and I sorta feel like I should have stayed home so I could watch and complain about how boring the ceremony is and how stupid the commentators are LIVE.

The hospital begged us not to watch it online so people don't die because we broke the internetz or whatever... but to compensate they've set up a TV for staff, though I'm considering going over to a bar for a long lunch instead of crowding into a conference room. Will the bars be mobbed with people having the same idea as me? Empty as people "meh" and go about their day? I don't know, but I must say I'm pretty antsy all of a sudden, and am now all worried I won't be able to sit down or will somehow miss it.

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