Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Panetta to CIA

Now, I don't know Leon Panetta from Adam and he may or may not be any good, but I have to agree with Matt Yglesias regrading his reaction to Sens. Feinstein and Rockefeller being upset about the pick.
...the sentiment that Obama is somehow obligated to appoint a current senior intelligence manager to the job seems merely designed to ensure that no senior intelligence officials are held to account for anything that happened during the Bush administration. And if you think there’ve been no serious intel problems during the Bush years, that makes a lot of sense. But if you live on planet earth, that’s crazy. But if you want to go outside the IC to find a Director and still want someone who’s up to the job of running the agency, that’s a difficult person to find. But maybe you could find someone like . . . a former White House Chief of Staff!
I've always liked Senator Feinstein, but it truly does seem like she's upset that Obama didn't pick someone from "the club", who like her, would be complicit in all of the intelligence failures and abuses that have occurred in the last 8 years. No thanks.

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