Monday, January 5, 2009

New Computer Incoming

Here's the parts list if anyone is interested:All that with a Zalman CPU fan, a bracket to adapt said fan for the new LGA 1366 slot, and some thermal compound ran a little over $2K shipped(not including some mail in rebates). I've already got a LCD monitor (32") and a 5.1 speaker system I wasn't interested in replacing. It makes me a little bit woozy to spend all that money at once... but I want another computer that's going to last me 5 years at least, and the way to ensure that is to buy the best CPU and graphics card available... and that's basically what I did. I'm nervous as hell that I did something wrong and bought the wrong part, but I double checked everything and have my fingers crossed.

My one major concern is that I'm going to wish I bought a beefier power supply in a couple years... I might want to double up on graphics cards whenever Diablo III comes out and find 650 watts just isn't enough. Hopefully not.

Until then, I'm going to have to figure out what to play on it... I'm guessing the system will be a bit wasted on WoW. I'll blog the assembly whenever the parts get here... which will hopefully be by the weekend, but I didn't rush the processing or anything so we'll see.

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