Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lowery was awesome

Just got back from the Harp with those words on my tongue, only to find it's conventional wisdom already. I guess that shouldn't be surprising.

Anyway, I got to the bar about 11:20 or so... it was pretty empty, but it had only just opened, and CNN was on every screen. It filled up pretty well, especially for how big of a bar it is... maybe 50 people, not including staff? The communal excitement was... I have to say... kind of electric, and I've never seen such a crowded bar so silent with everyone staring at the TVs... kind of neat.

Both Obama and Roberts messing up on the oath? Priceless. [EDIT: Apparently it was all that dastardly John Roberts' fault]

Obama's speech seemed fantastic, but I want to separate myself from the excitement of the "moment in history" angle and the culmination of several years of obsessing over this election, and judge the speech on its own merits... so that will take a little time. However, I can certainly say the tone and themes were encouraging about Obama's intent to move boldly and quickly. In addition, it definitely had a nice liberal "America FUCK YEAH!" thing happening. But, more later... I do actually want to get some work done today.

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