Friday, January 2, 2009

iPods and Firewire

This Yglesias post... smugly mocking Zune owners for the whole "Leap year? What's that?" fiasco... brought to mind Anna's recent iPod issues.

If you've got any iPod accessories that use Firewire, be advised that the most recent iPods have dropped that completely... so when Anna replaced her broken nano with a shiny new one instead of sending it off to be fixed... it made the iGroove(docking station with speakers) I bought her a few years ago much less useful. It will play music from the new nano, but it won't charge it... which seems to make the whole thing a hassle to use instead of a nice convenience.

But hey, at least they come in pretty colors now... though if you have any beloved accessories you may want to consider if they depend on Firewire for any functionality before you upgrade.

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